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Shipping & Delivery
GuitarsnGears features exclusive gears to satisfy it’s professional client base all over the country. Any product ordered from the online store needs to be picked from GuitarsnGears head quarter at Plaza AR, Dhanmondi. It is confirmed that once, an order is placed, the product is reserved for the customer.
Privacy & Security
In order to make your visits to the various channels of VITTATE as responsive as possible, we collect information when you visit us online. To help ensure an enjoyable online experience, we provide this summary of what information we collect online and how that information is used. One section of this privacy policy also addresses what happens with information we collect on VITTATE pages on social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, et al. ("Social Media Pages").
Returns & Replacements
There shall not be any returns or replacements of product. Nevertheless GuitarsNGears has their own maintenance support to be there by the side of the customers anytime.
Ordering & Payment
Online ordering is highly preferred because we get the exact specification of the product that you are looking for. There are more chances of understanding what a customer is looking for. However, you do not need any banking cards to order an instrument. You simply can order and pay your bill while picking up your product from the store.
Viewing Orders
You can always view your order from your personal dashboard from . If you want to review your order you simply can contact GuitarsNGears and let us know your query. Our comprehensive dashboard allows you track any order you made so far with us.
Updating Account Information
We definitely prefer you to have your personalized account on . This helps us to build & broaden our relation ship with you. If your information are changed, we highly recommend you to update your information so that, we be able to reach you with our new offers & newsletters. Of-course you do not want to miss our BLACK SALES !